Sunday, February 23, 2014

List for Life

I have so many projects that I don't know where to start. Perhaps I should just list them and check them off when I finish, blogging about my successes?

I am just about finished with my daughter's window quilts, made to insulate her bedroom windows against both the cold of the NW winter and the heat of the summer. We live in a pretty temperate zone, but a 2-year-old is best kept in a temperature-controlled environment.

I'm also finishing up 14"x14" knitted squares for my sister-in-law's newborn photography business. I have alligator slippers that I'm in the middle of crocheting for a friend, and then I have an unfinished apron for a friend. I have a single pane window that I'm painting with stained glass paint to put on the outside of the other single-pane in the garage- kind of a storm window. I'm staining Celtic knots on my kitchen table so that it loosely matches the beautiful benches. I should take pictures and blog those even though I'm half-finished, huh?

I am trying to get my household on a mostly paleo diet, switching to alkaline water, and trying my bestest  to combat the candidiasis raging through my body. Gross, huh? Apple cider vinegar is helping a lot, but that's a post for another time.

We have game night every Wednesday.

I'm also going to start my seeds for the spring, work on composting, thinking of building a worm bin for under my kitchen counter, and trying to do all of this on the SMALLEST budget possible. I have RAGING Pinterest habit- so much so that they keep thinking that my account has been hacked and insisting that I change my password several times in the last month.

I should list the projects that I plan on doing, those that I have done recently, and those that are fever dreams.

Here are the projects that I plan on doing "immediately:"

  • Create door for master bedroom- planning on making the warped wooden front door into a slider
  • Fire pit- recently "finished" in the backyard. Final touches needed.
  • Benches for Thanksgiving: My husband did such a wonderful job! They still need a little bit of work.
  • ROCKET STOVE!- We need one before next fall. It will pay for itself.
  • Modify shelving for the craft room
  • Turn dresser into open-shelf fabric storage
  • Turn drawers into cat/doll beds
  • More bookshelves for master bedroom
  • Create a bathroom for the Man Cave
  • Create bar for the Man Cave
  • Build fruit fly-proof cabinet for open air fruit
  • Build front-facing bookshelves for Aria's bedroom
  • Remove micro hood- We never use the microwave. Might as well Craigslist it, right?
  • Build and install teacup light fixture over stove
  • Build lawn furniture- pallet benches, folding chairs, hammock stand
  • Electrical outlets EVERYWHERE- We need to update and ground the electricity in the whole house.
  • Insulate the roof- We have no insulation anywhere.
  • Bench for massage room- Built and beautiful
  • Shelves for bookcase in Man Cave
  • Cabinet drawers for pots
  • Move ceiling fan from upstairs bedroom to kitchen nook
  • Dresser/shelves/bins for bedroom
  • Storage for canned food
  • Possible indoor hydroponic system this coming winter
  • Mushroom bins indoors
  • Bean bag game for outside
  • Bee home
  • Tree swing
  • Fix up old file cabinet
  • Teacup chandelier for over kitchen table
  • Teacup lights for over sink
  • Climbing grips for tree 
  • Greenhouse for raised garden bed
  • Barbecue/smoker
  • Pallet cooler
  • Pallet window boxes
  • Strawberry gutters/boxes
  • Lettuce balls
  • De-moss roof
  • Touch up paint in massage room
  • Sand and stain new window casings
  • Paint strip on Aria's wall
  • Paint a summer sky on her ceiling
  • Paint bird silhouettes on her walls
  • Make penny floor for main bathroom
  • Make paper bag floor for craft area and kitchen, possibly master BR
  • Second coat of paint on kitchen walls
  • Stencil bee on paper bag floor in kitchen
  • Doorway storage shelves
  • Screw down plywood in craft room so that it doesn't squeak so heinously. 
  • Maybe pallet wood floor in bedroom- I found a beautiful example
  • Pedestal sink in bathroom? I need a narrower sink.
  • Strip and stain kitchen cabinets
  • Wine bottle cups
  • Wine bottle tikis
  • Wine bottle wind chime
  • Liquor bottle cutting board
  • Wifi extender
  • Paving stone patio with mother of thyme
  • Apron for Michelle
  • Cat bed from drawer
  • Doll bed from drawer
  • Slippers for Sabrina
  • Remaining window quilt for Aria
  • Window quilts for MBR
  • Window quilts for massage room
  • Moss bath mat from paving stone frame
  • Tea cupboard extensions- Making the special shelves on the cupboard drawers so my tea is more easily reached
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Easter bunny puppets
  • Window picture mosaic
  • Single sock board
  • Jean picnic blanket
  • Jean flip flops
  • Pop science duck in bathroom
  • Ba + H on bathroom door
  • Tree for Aria's room
  • Firestarters
  • Soap
  • Reupholster kitchen chairs
  • Face cradle covers and sheets
  • Meditation pool, rocket-heated bathhouse

And more, but that's all that I've got for now. You can see pictures of the ideas on my Pinterest, and I will start posting my finished product on there, too.

Have a lovely evening!

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