Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Changing Directions

After my last couple of posts, I've decided that I need to change the direction that my blog intended to go. I will still have some DIY going on, but I've decided to show you a slice of my life, my real life.

You see, I'm a writer. An honest-to-deity*, dyed-in-the-wool writer. You see, I've been reading since I could crawl- no lie. Just ask my mother. I have had a passion for words ever since I wrote my first book (10 pages) in first grade. It was entitled "The Wierd King." Yes, I am aware that I spelled it wrong. Give me a break. The book was written in crayon on construction paper.

I read to escape when I was teased in elementary school for being slightly overweight. My passion for writing extended in junior high with free writes and the license to be creative. I wrote my way through high school. I wrote my way through college, finding an intense passion for writing plays and research papers. Yes, research papers.

I decided to be a theatre major, English minor; a playwright. I wrote plays that I never attempted to publish. I wrote research papers that teachers tried to convince me to publish. Why did I not seek publication? Maybe it was a fear of success, maybe a fear of failure, but whatever it was, it was crippling.

Yes, I have written some awful things. I have some ridiculous angsy poetry from my teenage- and not-so-teenage years. I mean awful. Broken hearts and unrequited love. Using and being used. I mean, I have some passable poetry, too. You know, most of my passable poetry includes at least one food analogy. Hm. Freud, what does that say about me?

Speaking of Freud, do you know that his grandson was a German-born, British painter? Well, he didn't necessarily paint the British but... his works are extremely interesting. They're mostly headshots and nudes. He found beauty in exposing ugliness to a world used to promoting only beauty. Here's the wiki-link:

Can you guess who this is?
Woman with Arm Tattoo

I think that the charcoal rendering is actually very beautiful.

Writing is my therapy. This will be my therapy. You will find both ugliness and beauty in this, in me. I wonder which you will choose to see...

*Insert your deity here. Everyone has beliefs. I believe that everyone should be able to have them.

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